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Harness the power of data

Enjoy dynamic end-to-end visibility of your airport operations through our unique AirportPulse portal. Ideal for data visualization in airport control centers, it uses the widest range of data sources and state-of-the-art analytics to help you enhance every touch point.

Leveraging the widest range of data sources:




Video / Biometric

Bar Coded Boarding Pass

Airport Operations & CRM Database


Baggage Systems

Passenger operations

Real-time analytics

With CommonUseAnalyzer make the most out of common-use data for better planning and more efficient processing.

  • See processing trends and statistics
  • Identify underuse or overuse of common-use infrastructure
  • Correlate data to compile behaviour profiles and patterns

Queue management

Wait time monitoring and display

QueueAnalyzer helps you monitor, predict and manage queues to minimize wait times and improve the customer experience.

  • Meet service quality standards with real-time visibility of queues and processing performance
  • Understand the retail impact and manage it accordingly
  • Enhanced proactive decision-making and ability to intervene in real-time

Retail operations

More time to spend

FlowAnalyzer helps you to understand and positively influence passenger behaviour for more efficient flow and improved retail revenues.

  • Redirect flows and monitor effectiveness
  • Monitor retail attractiveness and the impact of promotions
  • Provide data to support the sale of advertising space and premium rentals

Terminal operations

Predict, identify and improve

FlowPredictor lets you accurately forecast passenger flows and proactively optimize your airport efficiency.

  • Enjoy continuous visibility of the effect of irregular operations on passenger flows
  • Identify potential processing choke points and evaluate alternative solutions with other stakeholders in real-time
  • Analyze relevant flights and identify which events are having the greatest impact on passenger flows

Airside operations

More informed decisions

OperationsAnalyzer puts data at your fingertips to help you plan and make the right decisions for more efficient operations.

  • Easily access KPIs to monitor and analyze on-time performance
  • See trends and ensure effective resource and capacity planning
  • Share situational awareness with real-time maps to support collaborative decision making

Continuous improvement

Drive and enhance performance

Our DataExplorer and AirportPulse dashboards give you powerful data discovery and performance monitoring tools to assist continuous improvement.

  • End-user tools to see what the data reveals
  • Real-time visibility of performance against targets
  • Drill down to analyse and understand your underlying data
  • Analyse the effect of changes
  • Apply the knowledge to enable improvement

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SITA’s AirportPulse Portal lets you turn data into knowledge, knowledge into action and action into results. Monitor, measure and predict to stay on the pulse of your airport operations.

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